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Me, myself, and I - 06/27/00 03:31:10
Hey Dad... I have to say I am exteremely flattered that all these horrible pictures of me are now floating on the net (at least I got to keep my body and clothes...). Just kidding, I like it.

Yelena Zand - 06/25/00 03:42:37
My Email:why_not_makeit
Occupation: Highly professional
Roma, I've been to your sites, they are cute and very creative. I still don't like your fonts, but I think I like your talant - in spite of them. Sweet dreams...

Alexander - 05/23/00 13:05:38
You have a number of reasons for putting these pages on the net. Thanks.

Pervoklashka - 04/25/00 18:28:30
My Email:naderevnu@dedushke.net
Occupation: Vechniy }I{id
nu, ok. Naidemsya?

Alla Lukina - 03/29/00 15:46:35
My Email:allaluk@aol.com
Occupation: programmer

hjkhjk - 02/25/00 20:42:54
My Email:hjkhjkh
Occupation: hjkhjk

Dora Burke - 02/10/00 04:50:29
My Email:Dora.Burke@sbs.utc.com
Roman, This is my second or third time visiting your page. There had been a lot of improvements. Great job. Tak derzhat'. Dora

Ernest Geskin - 02/08/00 19:21:27
My Email:geskin@ADM.NJIT.EDU
Occupation: Professor
Great. Ernest

Regina Krupitskaya - 01/08/00 06:36:46
My Email:aa1980@wayne.edu
Occupation: engineer-physicist/programmer-analyst
Romka, you impressed me as always. Thank you for Tutty's memorial. A propos, how to sign "Loving words page" ? Regina.

Tanya Moody - 11/02/99 19:47:01
My URL:http://www.bryantjobsearch.com
My Email:Tanya@bryantjobsearch.com
Occupation: Research Assistant

Thomas L. Altshuler - 11/02/99 00:04:36
My URL:http://www.tiac.net/users/aml
My Email:aml@tiac.net
Occupation: scientist/engineer
Dear Roman: Your web page is interesting, and I note your links. I also wrote a web page using HTML a few years ago. I need to upgrade it. Hope all is well with you. Best wishes Tom

Vadim Tolokonnikov - 09/10/99 07:27:42
My Email:v.tolokonnikov@t-online.de
Occupation: Old friend and now programmer
Roma, this is all very interest. But I can't see your arts page.

Vicki - 08/19/99 00:42:17
My Email:viemma29@juno.com
Occupation: daughter and temporary slacker
Wow Dad, I have a few comments to make about your art gallery. First of all, it's incredible and I don't understand why you never showed me half that stuff in life. Second, I wish I could be as good an artist as you. Third, you need to make it so that whe you click on the name of the picture, it goes to a new page where that picture is BIGGER, not the same size. Third, keep uploading pictures because so far I see only 2 out of 8 galleries. Otherwise, take care and call me.

Victor Tunkel - 08/18/99 17:32:19
It took about fifteen minutes for your promised art collection to arrive on my screen, and then it just said it was under construction. What is the point of sending me three (!) separate invitations to view it when it isn't ready or is impossibly slow to appear? A terrible waste of time.

Yura - 08/17/99 23:33:02
My URL:http://www.umich.edu/~yuria
Krasivo, but the links at the top look just like an advertisment, so it took me a while to notice them... Also, the mirror sites aren't working. Hmm, i think i've done my share of damage... I wish i was determined enough to do my own page... (that would include a bit more than just my resume) In short -- i like this site :)

MikeAgain - 08/17/99 18:48:52
Im very proud to be the first visitor on your poem page. Let me tell you that the YAHOO window appearance with the every click - PAZDRA>I

Mike - 08/17/99 18:33:43
My Email:michael.aronson@alcoa.com
Best wishes!

Vikster - 08/04/99 05:39:48
My Email:viksterr@juno.com, viemma29@juno.com
Occupation: Me myself and I (just kidding...student)
Hi Dad...cool homepage. Now I gotta go create one of my own...I've been inspired. (P.S to anyone reading this message, my dad is the coolest guy in the world)

Dora Burke - 06/24/99 03:15:38
My Email:Dburke13@hotmail
Occupation: N/A
Dear Roman, I am very impressed by your homepage. Your are very creative and talented man. I did not go into details of your homepage yet, I just went briefly through the cover page. I am confident that I will find a lot more interesting things about. Regards, Dora

Miguel Jimenez - 06/11/99 00:19:29
My Email:jimenez@gateway.net
Occupation: Mechanical Designer
Outstanding; And the people with one accord gave heed unto things which Philip spake, hearing and seeing the miracles which he did.

- 05/27/99 15:41:24
My Email:sunf@utrc.utc.com
Good job!

Jenia Massin - 05/25/99 14:30:15
My Email:massin.jin@usa.net
Occupation: programmer
Privet, this page looks good. Poprobuy dobavit frames

Rynsky - 05/24/99 01:11:05
My Email:Lrynsky@Juno.com
Occupation: Friend
Roma, good job. Wish you good luck in jobseeking. Lev

Vicki - 05/23/99 05:20:09
My Email:tunkelr@tir.com
Occupation: student
WOW my handsome, sincere, and creative father...pretty snazzy page you got here. What's with the ying yang?

lee Liu - 05/21/99 13:38:49
My Email:leeliu98@hahoo.com
Occupation: Software Engineer
Nice looking Web page!

Jay Zeng - 05/21/99 05:26:08
My Email:jzeng1@aol.com

Rick Howell-Vetter - 05/20/99 21:03:02
My URL:http://www.geocities.com/hollywood/trailer/8174/8174.html
My Email:rhowell@tir.com
Occupation: Leader, Brake Assembly,Service,Shipping, and Stockroom
Roman it is a pleasure to know you, and please visit my homepage.

Michael Aronson - 05/20/99 12:36:28
My Email:michael.aronson@alcoa.com
Occupation: Design Engineer
Wow! There are no Words, Emotions only!

Mike Kluzner - 05/20/99 01:34:18
My Email:mkluzner@flash.net
Occupation: engineer
Roman it is very interesting and excited WEB site I even did not suspect you have that talant and creativity. Truly yours MIke

Irk - 05/19/99 22:06:28
My Email:ikovalch@techteam.com
Occupation: dolce far niente = sweet doing nothing performer
Dear Potential Employee! Your updated home page looks beautiful! :-)

Author - 05/19/99 20:56:16
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Occupation: same
npo6a nepa

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