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Hi, my name is Roman Tunkel.
Thanks to I.S. I was born.
I am not a rocket scientist but very much into Science. Aside from my career in Electro-Mechanical Engineering, I have broad interests including Computer Science, Astronomy, Space Exploration, Physics, Genealogy, etc. I am fascinated by the mystery of science and enjoy philosophical questions as well. I also enjoy Camping, Biking, Chess, Music, Poetry... I love pets and HAD a small but intelligent dog (special breed)...
On this website you can learn more about my professional and personal life. I have already created several web pages (My Art, My Poetry, Daughter's Photos, Science News et.c.) including a professional Resume with references, some of my Articles and Patents, with some documents that are ready to be downloaded.
Please check out my website now or if this has tired you, please come back soon.

My e-mail address:
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You can find here:
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