Translated by YELENA TUNKEL
poems have been chosen by translator

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Almost Dusk

    Almost dusk - half asleep, half a word in reply,
    Someone under her breath utters almost a No,
    Bodies close, with her arm half-way frozen in flight
    Yet, that damn half a feeling means "no place to go".

    This is when for the feeling of fullness I yearn,
    This is when I so dream of the Yen to my Yin
    And I slowly dive into darkness that burns,
    And your Yes is exhaled on one breath, from within

    December 1976

    opa oco
    opa, oco, ocoo oe
    a oxa cc "e"...
    oc ea, pa o e o,
    o poe "o" x e oo...

    oa, o ooe co oo,
    oa ca o opo ooe...
    c occ pa, ox ea,
    eo xa pec "a"...

    eap 1976

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    Leaves, leaves, leaves...
    Like thoughts, they fall with a twist.
    And then, at the close of the day,
    The night comes to sweep them away,
    Wiping them clean with its broom
    To groom the Earth, to groom

    Rain, rain, rain...
    It hammers its nails into brain,
    The drops they dance and they spring,
    So, why does this image bring
    The pang as I'm looking at it -
    But let it, but let it, but let it...

    Howling, howling, howling...
    My soul is aching and moaning.
    Not for the rainy sky,
    But for the years passing by,
    Washing the dreams away
    With gray, with gray, with gray...

    The summer is sneaking out,
    The fall's flying in on the cloud,
    Embracing me in its cloak,
    As feelings are running amok
    And sound escapes on a wing
    And arms that wring, that wring...

    April 1976

    c , c , c
    c , c , c.
    pa aa c
    a eep eo
    eep oc c coo ,
    ae a e c-
    c , c , c.

    o , o , o.
    o aae o ,
    aae c ea oa...
    o oce cea
    ao oc pc-
    c. c. c.

    oe , oe , oe ,
    cpao a oe ,
    o e -a oo-
    oo , o xo o ,
    oo , o poxo cace-
    eace , eace , eace...

    e , e , e
    xopoo ,
    a e apa e ,
    oea e
    ee c ae...
    a pae , a pae , a pae

    . . .
    ao xo.
    opo - p pe ,
    a o p pe.
    o - poe...
    ooe, ooe, ooe

    pe. pe. pe.
    oc a e pe
    o e oce ,
    a oe xoe,
    o e epe o...
    , ,

    po. po. po.
    o coa pxo o
    aae o,
    o e o oa ,
    pc cepa ...
    p... p... p...

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Be damned

    Be damned that very hour,
    Be damned that very minute
    When grieve like solemn tower
    Had me engolfed within it.

    When I felt numb and ill,
    Incapable of sound,
    And when the time stood still
    To turn the years around.

    And when the autumn leaf
    Slid down like a tear
    To weep that No you breathed,
    Our hearts no longer near

    Be damned that very hour,
    Be damned that very minute
    When grieve like solemn tower
    Had me engolfed within it.


    po o e

    po o e,
    po o ac,
    oa ecac e,
    pa oa ac,

    oa oa ,
    e cax co caa,
    aep p,
    oa oac c.

    oa oce c,
    cac a cea,
    caaa "e"...
    oea aa...

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Twenty One

    Remember that majestic day
    when I turned twenty one?
    My friends were all around me then,
    we soaked in blinding sun.

    Above our heads was clear sky,
    strung out as arch of bows
    And carefree, we whirled in the
    Umbrella - Universe.

    The dreaming and poetic words
    were turning heads in vain,
    Inevitable like a burst,
    that turns our minds insane

    All crystal clear up ahead:
    the hopes, the lights, the sun
    Remember that majestic day
    when I turned twenty one?


    o e
    o e, oa
    e o aa e.
    co o ce p
    coa c ce,

    co o o,
    a opo,
    eeoc oo -
    ceeo p o.

    ex, x c op
    e oo p,
    eep coo p,
    e c a co.

    c o co epe -
    ae cao ce...
    o e, oa
    e o aa e ...

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Dream and reality

    A dream and reality live on this Earth,
    They dont get along very nice:
    They pull us in opposite ways from the birth,
    In lulls and in turmoil of life.

    A dream is like bird wings that carry us up,
    Like crushing of breakers on shore,
    Reality tiger that sneaks up to grab
    And smear with a powerful paw.

    A dream like a symbol of all of the hopes,
    Embodies the future that comes,
    Good karma that takes us through failure and loss,
    Through storms to the clearest of skies.

    Reality is like a sharpest of swards
    That swings over heads with a swoosh,
    And when we are most unaware, it falls
    To slice our lives into mush.

    A dream is what keeps up the family hearth,
    What melts up the loneliness ice.
    A dream and reality live on this Earth,
    They dont get along very nice.


    ea peaoc
    ea peaoc a cee ,
    e pa o e coo,
    pae copo o,
    e e a coo.

    ea - o p ece c,
    e ee ea oo,
    peaoc - oapa, a pc,
    ace e po.

    ea - o co cex ax ae,
    px co opo,
    a a e epe ope ee,
    co p op pe.

    peaoc copee oxoa a e,
    a a ae co.
    c eo oe eo epec -
    ae aa c e oo.

    ea cpe peaoc pe pe,
    e c oceeoc o...
    ea peaoc a cee ,
    e pa o e coo.

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Ill agree to be anything

      Ill agree to be anything,
      If you only remain around,
      Even just as a dewy string,
      Underneath your feet on the ground

      Ill be your ever pumping heartbeat,
      Your invisible shadow unknown,
      Or a weightless feathery wheat,
      On the palm of your hand, forlorn

      I will serve as your whole universe,
      If you burst as a star in it,
      Or the downpouring rain they curse,
      If you cast as a storm for a minute

      Ill turn into whirling wind,
      Just to carry your name around,
      If you only have asked for it
      But you dont, not a touch, not a sound


    coace e oo
    coace e oo,
    oo eo c oo po,
    xo acaoo poo,
    o o ee ao...

    coace cepa co
    epo, eeo e,
    eeco px xo,
    a ao oe, ae...

    coace eo ,
    oo cx a eo,
    coace e po,
    ec cae a poo...

    coace p epo,
    ec o o oc,
    e xoe - oee, epe,
    oo o e poc...

    oo e e ea
    a coee oo, poe,
    coxpa ocoa,
    a eceo opooe...

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I adore the ocean waves

    I adore the ocean waves,
    And sunrise-bonfire...
    Only you, my dear friend
    Are my heart's desire.

    And I treasure blue of skies -
    Stardust blow around!
    Yet one lash of your blue eyes
    Biggest treasure found.

    Love the faces of my friends,
    Closeness grown in years.
    But you are my first sole mate,
    One who really cares.

    How I yearn the Earth to live -
    Ocean, mounts and shore -
    So I'd be with you and give
    Every day, much more!


    oap ap
    oap ap,
    ec o ope,
    o e, o p,

    eec paax,
    eep e!
    o ox pece ax

    pox aa,
    cex cox pe,
    o e, o ea

    a ,
    co c e,
    co e
    c a ce!

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There is no goodness

    There is no goodness in my nature,
    Its only sores, and rot, and mulch
    What was the goal of my creation?
    Why in the hell it hurts so much?

    Its all defined from the beginning:
    What is permissible, whats not
    So, why are daily seconds streaming
    To wash away into the night?

    Why try to reach in contradiction,
    To suffer, learn, to water land,
    To give away all this perfection
    In final breath that comes to end?

    From A to Z its predetermined,
    From brightest climb to bleakest fall:
    First scream of baby in infirmary,
    Last hissing sound of dying soul


    e ceoo o e aaa
    e ceoo o e aaa,
    o o - ec...
    ae ca e aaa?
    aoo pa! oe ec ...

    ae e a aooe,
    eep - oa pa?
    e poe poo opeo
    oc cpe x a?

    ae c co o poe:
    o o oo, o - e,
    ae xo o oe
    ece c capc ?

    ae cpec, peoco,
    cpaa, c, ec ca,
    o e, pa coo
    c coepeoe oa?

    o a o - a oe,
    o cea eoo o ,
    o pa epoo, pea,
    o xpa epe ...

    e ceoo o e aaa,
    o o, ec ...
    ae ca e aaa?
    aoo pa! oe ec ...

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That photograph no longer can be found

    That photograph no longer can be found,
    Where you and I are standing hugging tight,
    Illuminating kindness from inside,
    Our smiles are warming everything around

    That photograph has faded in the years,
    As life has thrown us to many places,
    And we became the stranges - souls and faces -
    Our tender skin is gone and shred to tears.

    That photograph no longer is with us,
    Its ashes flew so far but landed near,
    With promises still whispered in the ear,
    As life refused to turn into the dust

    That photograph no longer is with us.


    o oopa ao e

    o oopa ao e x,
    e c oo co oc, po,
    p pa copea e o,
    c opoo oox,

    o oopa ao e x.
    ac paea pa coce e
    ca ae, e,
    ooc pe cpe x.

    o oopa ao e x,
    o ee ax cpe e cepe oe,
    coae epe aco x peo,
    coa oope o cx :

    o oopa ao e x...

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The Eccentrics are not born as such

    The Eccentrics are not born as such
    They emerge from a very usual bunch,
    From the very ordinary of us
    With the same colored hair, skin and eyes.

    Only one fine day, when they wonder again
    Whats the point of living your life in vain?
    The unnoticed to others child-simpleton
    Gets nicknamed the Eccentric from there on.

    And, not getting the answers from grown ups
    And unwilling to settle for doubt,
    The Eccentric starts writing poems or songs -
    In the hope to sort it all out


    ao o e poaec.
    a e oac.
    ax e ox poxox
    c e e eo ooc, a o,

    o oa cpoc eoeo :
    eo pe o?
    eae o e poca
    oae aae "a"...

    oe e a px,
    e ea ee oac,
    o coae cpo cx.
    eo? o cee paopac...

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There are just a few

    There are just a few of them remaining,
    The ones who never submit to fear,
    Who work, create, step up to the challenge,
    Who follow their hearts, not the brass veneer.

    When most of the others are more than ready
    To rip you off, to sell you out,
    To walk over mountains of dead bodies,
    "Oh well, thats life", they would say, no doubt.

    But cest la vie is a lame pretexte,
    And, if you look at it through a visor-
    Youll see our souls became part of the trade,
    And morals - invisible as the horizon.

    Became? It has been like that in ages:
    The ones who refused to live in the fear
    The crowds beat up and whipped as outrageous,
    To rot in blood, and cry no tear

    These rebels were born once in great while,
    They mastered the art of the truthful speech,
    So that the history of human kind
    Is lit up with their minds unleashed


    ax ocaoc oe ao
    ax ocaoc oe ao,
    o e a a, e a cpax
    op, paoae, epae,
    ex o "a coec" - ax .

    a oco a oe
    oo opo epe,
    oo op c c eca,
    x o ce - o .

    o "c'est la via" - e ooopa ,
    copec oec "ox c" ,
    ca p peeo opa,
    ca opo opa c,

    ca... poe pae oe o,
    ex, o "a coec", e a cpax,
    oa a oa
    aco ax ceax

    poac e...
    ae c epo,
    o cop cpa
    xpa coce o...

    o ceo e ec.
    apa e , ocea.
    oo co oa a ec,
    a ec - a ae oco...

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My soul would fly to stars

    My soul would fly to stars and back,
    But, once its wings were chopped to size,
    And it got chained into the deck,
    Became docile, and tame, and wise

    Got swamped in hectic lifes turmoil,
    Stuck in routine, rubbed down to ash,
    And tiny feeling crawls in soil,
    Not ready for a faster dash.

    It only craves to sleep, to buy,
    Enjoying fruits of shopping splurges,
    To argue and to reconcile,
    And sink into content no urges

    Stars ocean tempts my soul no more,
    Poetic verse is dwindled down,
    And nothing makes it to allure
    Its simply buried in the ground.

    My soul would fly to stars and back,
    But, once its wings were chopped to size,
    And it got chained into the deck,
    Became docile, and tame, and wise


    a o o eaa
    a o o eaa,
    o op p e
    o oa eo caa,
    e ae ee...

    opa ceo ooe,
    aac , cepac
    c oo p aoe,
    e aa e -

    oec, oca, pa, ,
    c peo opa p,
    c eo ocop, o
    oc aoe...

    a x pe a e p,
    co oe cac,
    o e , e a -
    a c epeec...

    a o o eaa,
    o op p e
    o oa eo caa,
    e ae ee...

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We are prisoners of reality

    We are prisoners of reality,
    We are string dolls of theater-life,
    We are tiny screws, although personalities,
    And enslaved by the powers above

    So, it seems to us limit is like sky,
    That our knowledge more limitless still,
    That the universe will be standing by,
    Multiplying the days at its will.

    Then we wizen up, with mature grace,
    To the higher knowledge of life,
    As we realize our uselessness,
    And we never plunge into dive.

    And we come to mock up the obvious,
    The absorbed with mothers breast milk,
    Settle for the familiar monotonous,
    For the smoothness of comfort-silk

    And like sinners kneel in tranquility,
    Penitential smoke sprayed around,
    Find amusement in immobility,
    As we envy young heartbeat sound


    ce e ecoeoc
    ce e ecoeoc,
    ce eapa c,
    ce , xo oc,
    xo oe, o pa.

    a cc aec,
    o oa e pepa,
    o ceea pacpec...
    o ooo - e...

    pxo cpo peoc
    oa ce,
    oa ecoeoc,
    opee o e.

    eaec a ee,
    a a c ooo,
    coaaec a oco,
    a eo, poo...

    a pe a aec,
    oa cae ,
    eooc eac
    ae oo...

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Its hard to be prepared

    Its hard to be prepared
    For death eternal glare
    That seems like ether ghostly, and bodiless and limp.

    It lurks so close around,
    Drips poison to the ground,
    Its knuckles shaking wildly from ever tightened grip.

    Its sward has jagged edges
    It hovers over nations,
    All shiny, aimed precisely - at innocence and vice.

    As they get swollen in it,
    It comes and takes one minute,
    One small miscalculation and heads will roll like dice


    eo a e o

    eo a e o?
    e cep coce e a,
    e ppa ep, eco, eo,

    xo oa po,
    aoea o,
    oo , c ooeo oco...

    ooea o eca
    oea eea,
    e pa oa a po eaa e pa ...

    eo a e o?
    e cep oa a,
    oa, po, caoc, ax - coea paa...

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Long ago the humans used to fly

    Once upon a time people used to fly,
    Hover in the clowds like the birds in sky,
    Soaking in with their tired eyes
    Morning heat of the rising sun.

    But through whirls of time and centuries,
    Shoved into the penitentiaries,
    Drenched in fear to the shaking knees,
    They have lost that gift, and its gone.

    Gift to marvel in natures mystery,
    Lifes events and human history,
    See the quarrels, wars and injuries,
    All the hassle and the crime.

    Gasping for a breath in the stuffy cells,
    Wishing traffic honks were tower bells,
    Dreaming to turn back into the birds,
    With the human faces, this time

    July, 1988

    pae a
    pae a
    ea a paa,
    ao a a,
    coa peeo ap,

    o aepee peee,
    eoc c peee,
    oa ac eee,
    oep ap.

    o ap ap a eoc,
    a co copoeoc,
    a paopa, oa,
    ceo ao.

    o ac aepax,
    oox, ecx, paopx,
    ea o ca a
    c eoeec a...

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Floor under feet, dome over head

    Floor under feet, dome over heads,
    Inside the shape thats porous, muddy
    They interact, the acidic cells,
    Encased in the cocoon of body.

    And in that shell, where heart and galls
    And livers cluster all together,
    We nurture our fragile souls,
    Not yet explained - and for the better.

    But in the predetermined hour,
    That soul will ease into a flight,
    And separate from body-tower,
    That will, like empty vessel, slide

    And mix with grass, and mulch, and ground,
    Get piled in snow, get soaked in rain,
    And years will fly, through space and sound,
    Until that vessel fills again

    July, 1992

    o a o, a a co
    o a o , a a co.
    c oo cea - cea e oo.
    e poecc - opa co.
    apoa a oo.

    eeco, eco oooe
    e cepe, ee, , o
    pace ece - a,
    aop eea,
    copae a, c e-o
    eoca oa.

    o cpo, cope ea,
    oec a eo
    e, a peo eo
    c coco x a o...

    epc p ee ppo,
    pacac a oe po,
    oe eccpaco o,
    oa copee e po...

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And we will dream

    And we will dream of winding roads
    To most beloved town,
    Those roads we're pounding so long -
    Since feet can touch the ground

    And we will dream of ocean waves,
    High tides and quiet sounds,
    Seductive and exotic lands,
    And coming home, which counts

    And we will dream of our first kiss,
    Shy smiles and timid touches,
    That boy or girl so sweetly missed
    Wherever life would launch us

    All this well dream in final days,
    Sedated, no more fears -
    While our family and friends
    Are swallowing the tears


    cc opoa
    cc opoa
    ae opo...
    pae x oa
    e aa o.

    e cc oea,
    po a,
    a eep ax cpa,

    e pcc ec ca
    epa eoa,
    caa a apea,
    pa a eoa.

    oa o apoo,
    oa ce e o
    oa oa c...

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My mom and dad had passed away

    My mom and dad had passed away,
    Their parents long been buried,
    Remaining hair is sprinkled gray
    From grieves and losses morbid.

    Im dodging minutes, standing tall,
    As they are flying near,
    And like the bullets, chose from all
    The ones that close and dear

    And when horizon - life and death
    Is looming right ahead me,
    My muscles, hit by seizure waves,
    Are all convulsing madly.

    The generations and their deeds,
    The burden of the moment
    And pressing on my shoulder is
    The finish line, I own it.


    cxopo oa a
    cxopo oa a.
    e a ea.
    p o cpeo e
    co e e.

    o o poc
    cpeoe aee,
    a po, a xoooc,
    cpeae aceee.

    eep paa e
    poxo peo o.
    copa cea
    po oo...

    p ooe, x ea,
    oeceoc oea...
    a e o ea
    a ea ...

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Nice to be alone with you

    Its so nice to be alone with you,
    As we sing so many songs we do,
    And the glow of love that warms our lives
    Will not falter in the trying times

    Lifes so different with you around,
    Even when there is the snow storm out,
    Even through the patter of the rain,
    I would be with only you, again.

    Hold me tight and hug me strong, my friend,
    Our love will never come to end,
    Through the years and even storms we will
    Make our feeling grow stronger still

    Its so nice to be alone with you,
    As we sing so many songs we do,
    And the glow of love that warms our lives
    Will not falter in the trying times


    a c oo xopoo

    a c oo xopoo o.
    coo ece e co.
    oo , o pee ac,
    e oace ca p ac.

    e c oo xopoo cea,
    ae ec a oo pa,
    ae ec o,
    ae ec e e ...

    c c p eec ,
    c co xo eopa,
    o o coe e cocapc,
    cepe ae oo ocaec...

    e ao , o ceac op,
    c e eo o cex ,
    a c oo xopoo o.
    oo ece o o co ...

    o e, pc ce...
    c ea c e,
    c oa e - o e c oo
    e cpa o e o...

    a c oo xopoo o...
    oo ece e co...
    oo , o ce ac,
    e oace ca p ac.

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Our love has come

    Our love has come to us, no longer young'un,
    Ive waited many years for something quite so rare
    My heart is rocked by squall, so sweet and wondrous,
    Most valuable is that my toxic state is shared.

    At this threshold of crazy generations
    I have discovered you - the treasure of this world
    And now you're mine - affectionate, vivacious,
    The flicker of the joy, like always prescious gold.

    There is no longer need for that escape door,
    The moment, freeze in time, be endless like a kiss
    And this, my sweet, was worthy to be born for
    My only one regret is all the years weve missed!


    o pa
    o pa ,
    xo e e ao
    e cea a -
    o oa co o

    cea po a
    o caocoo aa
    o ae ceo -
    ae ce "ao"

    a pee cox
    px ece,
    cpe , o ca,
    cpe co oe

    e ap ac eep,
    paoc oo,
    cac ce...

    o ea ea
    e e cpec ,
    oee ap -
    eo a ea...

    oo oe
    e coo poc
    ao -
    ee oa...

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The TerroR

    The terror, murder of the godless
    To scare, to avenge, to plot,
    And punish in the name of idols
    Those who won't worship their God.

    The terror, weapon of the villains,
    The scum that Earth has left behind,
    Fanatics, savages unreal,
    Who follow tracks of evil guide.

    Step on your bones for higher purpose,
    All ready for self-sacrifice,
    Incapable to grasp that pauper
    In spirit cripple cut to size.

    And impotent of the creation
    No curiousity of mind
    Their slogan, kill civilization
    Is louder than build in kind

    Oblivious to victims, proffer
    And happy taking lives away,
    From all the "infidels", and offer,
    "Our God is teaching us that way"

    Insane in their premonitions -
    This world was made for those who live
    Regardless of the faith, tradition -
    This life, the treasure we receive

    The terror, murder of the "godless"
    To scare, to avenge, to plot,
    And punish in the name of idols
    Those who won't worship their God.

    September 12, 2001


    eppop... co eox...
    o aa, , ooc...
    o oapa o oa po
    ex o e xoe o ooc...

    eppop cea ope ooo,
    opoco eoeeco ,
    aao, eeeceo ox,
    oox o coa

    o oc ao-o e "ce",
    oox ae epoa coo,
    eooax, o ,
    o xo oe, o oo...

    x a coae e c,
    a, cocooce, opca pa
    x cpac pap pa ooa -
    oa e cpo, o a cea...

    o -o o? poc c coeo,
    c oo, e c ooo a opa...
    poc a oeo
    ooo e... o, a apa...

    ea a ep , a cpaa.
    ae oe - paoc o
    "papaeoo, pacoo coa"
    ce p o oo oa...

    e paa eoeoeo.
    e a, oa p.
    e coec. a x e copea.
    c e aa ...

    o p ac o.
    oe o ceeo ecoeo
    ece, oop eoe...
    ece cea eoop...

    eppop... co eox...
    o aa, , ooc...
    o oapa o oa po
    ex o e xoe o ooc...

This poems may be reproduced and redistributed,
in whole or in part, without alteration and without
prior written permission, but provided all copies
contain the following statement:
"Copyright 2008 Poems by Roman Tunkel & Yelena Tunkel.
This work is reproduced and distributed
with the permission of the copyright holder."

o o pacpocpae
ocpoee e eoe aopa,
ec o coepa aae:
"aopcoe pao poaa e.
o ocpoee c papee aopa:"

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