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Compessible Air Flow This is a attempt to develop equations for air-distribution systems and overfall of pressure on elementary part of pneumoline. Article mcd file
Normally Closed Valve
This paper presents an experimental approach to investigate the influence of Normally Closed Valve's parameters on the time response in abrasive waterjet cutting. Closure speed function of actual pressure and orifice size were used. Comparison of two different polynomial models such as linear and mixed for NCV were made. Article mcd file
Double Action Hydraulic Intensifier
This paper represents a theoretical investigation of the mathematical model for the determination of several different parameters of the DAHI (Double Action Hydraulic Intensifier used to develop this ultra high pressure), including some parameters of the water stream and the cutting or drilling material. The semi-empirical equation for the definition of the total cycle time based on the superseding and switch time was obtained. Article mcd file
Physics and Parameters calculations.
Double Action Hydraulic Intensifier (DAHI)
Parameters calculations.
Theory and Parameters calculations.

1. Dynamic responce from DPZTFFC device
2. Dynamic response from DPZTFFC device by Navier-Stokes equation. Exact solution.
3. Direct PZT Fluid Flow Control Feasibility
(Patent US 6,109,566 (R-4239)):
Theory and Parameters calculations.

1.This was an attempt to evaluate a dynamic responce from the DPZTFFC device by using Bernoulli equation.
2.This was an attempt to evaluate a dynamic response from the DPZTFFC device by using Navier-Stokes equation.
3.This was an attempt to evaluate possibility for Direct PZT Fluid Flow Control Device usage.

1. Mathcad file

2. Mathcad file

3. Mathcad file
Dependence between speed of sound and flexibilities of the wall of the piping. This is a calculation report of dependence between speed of sound and flexibilities of the wall of the piping. Mathcad file
Analysis of Acoustic Model This is an Analysis of Acoustic Model. Mathcad file
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Mechatronic, Mechanica, Control, Interpolation.
Phased Array Antena
Yagi Antenna Design
This is a simulation of the behaviour of a linear phased array antena. An implementation of the formula given in "An Introduction to Radar Systems",M.Skolnik and equations for Yagi antenna design. mcd file
L-C pass Filter mcd file
PDM_DAC mcd file
YagiAntenna mcd file
Heat Flow on a square plate Heat Flow on a square plate mcd file
Smoothed Data Smoothed Data For Combustion Pressure mcd file
BSCI. 2005

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