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Throughout my entire career, I have been working as a R&D Electro-Mechanical Engineer, in Russian and American Industries. For many years I have developed, designed, created and modeled various special mechanisms and devices.

I have a good understanding of applying the technical principles, theories, and concepts in the field of my expertise, as well as general knowledge of other related areas. On numerous occasions, I provided technical solutions to a wide range of challenging problems. I executed experimental studies that helped establish key performance targets for newly designed or modified products, processes and materials.

Additionally, I developed test strategy and methodology with supporting rationale and appropriate verification, prepared standard reports, documentations and presentations to communicate results to technical community.

I worked in cooperation with team leaders, process development engineers, as well as quality, manufacturing, regulatory, clinical and marketing functions to ensure project success. Numerous times, I worked independently to plan and schedule my own activities necessary to meet the project's objectives and timelines.

I have a working knowledge of design, modeling and simulation of electro-pneumo-hydraulic and mechanical systems. I obtained experience in all phases of product engineering and development cycle, coupled with the good teamwork skills.

I possess a strong working and educational background in analytical and computational mechanics, fluid dynamics, system dynamics, physics simulation, and experimental methods. Additionally, I have the analytical skills in the finite element method, through application to variety of problems.

In the event you would like to contact me, I can be reached on my cell phone at (617) 817-1291.
Alternatively, you could contact me by using my e-mail address: tunkelr@gmail.com.

Thank you very much for your consideration,

Sincerely yours,

Roman N. Tunkel
Below please find the description of my experience, education and areas of expertise during the past few years.


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E-mail: tunkelr@gmail.com

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| EXPERIENCE: | BD Medical | GE Healthcare | BSCI | BioValve | WWC | RAYTHEON | UTRC | INGERSOLL RAND | RESUME |
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    • Design, prototyping, and data analysis. Modeling of medical devices.
    • Simulation of electro-mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic dynamic processes.
    • Actuation, Tracking, Sensing and Feedback control systems design.
    • Methods of experimental simulation (design of experiments) and optimization.

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    Principal R&D Engineer
    BD Medical, Billerica, MA

      Duties included acting as a lead for the R&D mechanical engineering team on assignments involving several people conducting research and development of drug delivery devices for a variety of medical applications. Participating in design effort for infusion sets by providing technical solutions and specifications for parameters. Leading the effort for the bench testing during the drug delivery devices development.

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    Lead Mechanical Engineer
    GE Healthcare, Lawrence, MA

      Duties included acting as a lead for the mechanical engineering team, leading mechanical design on a cross-functional team through all stages of product development. Providing technical support to other mechanical engineers within the engineering department; Re-creating and compiling DHF per FDA requirements; Developing design requirements on system / subsystem level, procedures and tests plans for medical tools; Participating as a team member in RA, FMEA, and CAPA efforts;

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    Sr. R&D Mechanical Engineer
    Boston Scientific Company, Watertown, MA

      Duties included analysis, modeling & development of single use medical devices, proof of new concept, managing of projects, as well as interaction with customers, vendors and suppliers.

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    Sr. R&D Mechanical Engineer
    BioValve Technology Inc., Worcester, MA

      Duties included design, analysis and development of new concepts of medical devices and processes, as well as interaction with customers and suppliers.

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    Technical Expert (contract)
    W.W. & Co., Waltham, MA

      Duties included work in writing or reviewing courses in pneumatic, hydraulic, CNC, modeling and electro-mechanical systems design.


    System Engineer (contract)
    H&R Tech., Lowell, MA

      Duties included analysis, modeling and design of mechanical and electro-mechanical systems for new functionality.

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    Raytheon Inc., SEL, Marlborough, MA

      Duties included developing real-time embedded software for communication device, modeling for a variety of IT applications.

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    United Technologies Research Center, , Mechatronic, E. Hartford, CT

      Duties included analysis and modeling, as well as development and design of electro-mechanical, pneumatic and hydraulic actuator system for a variety of applications, centered on control technology programs.

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    INGERSOLL-RAND, WaterJet System, Farmington Hills, MI

      Duties included design, analysis, as well as research and development of new concepts, products, and processes of ultra high-pressure (up to 75,000 psi) waterjet cutting system and components.

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